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Shopon Tel VoIP Reseller

Shopon Tel also offers VoIP reseller service which is completely hassle free and profitable sphere of VoIP services.Becoming a part of Shopno Corpration Ltd reseller package will let you offer your clients constant service without having any prior technical knowledge. Songbird reseller package includes:

Let’s start your VoIP reseller business with Shopon Tel with the minimal investment embracing a user friendly web interface (iTel Switch VoIP billing page) together with 24/7 support and a more flexible payment method.


Mobile Dialer & Soft Switch Rent

If anybody is planning about initiating hosted VoIP business then, Shopno Corporation is the right place to make it realistic. Shopno Corporation provides the world class hosted VoIP solutions with the followings:

🌟Licensed iTel Switch Plus

🌟Licensed iTel Mobile Dialer

🌟Licensed Platinum/Other dialers

🌟iTel Byte Saver (free with all the dialer)

🌟Dedicated Server with unlimited bandwidth

🌟Free PC2Phone Dialer

o facilitate the service more we offer the below packages with the affordable investment:

🌟25CC (iTel mobile dialer + iTel Switch + Server) --->$199 50CC (

🌟50cc iTel mobile dialer +50cc another dialer + iTel Switch + Server) ---> $199

🌟100CC (100cc iTel mobile dialer + 50cc another dialer + iTel Switch + Server) --->$299

Calling Card Printing

Shopno Printers is one of the leading calling card, scratch sticker and Hologram printing companies in all the countries of Middle East.We are providing all kind of Calling Card printing services with the best quality and minimum rates. Shopno Printers also provide support to promote your own branded Calling Card in the market. We will give you full package of services like; designing, printing and delivery. You will collect the Cards from your given addresses in all over the world. Our professional team will give you full service & support to deliver calling card to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan,Maldives, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore,Turkey,Italy, UK,USA, Egypt, African countries etc. We have a good number of valuable clients in the countries of Middle East, so, you can trust on our quality and service.https://shopontelpay.com/offers/16

Flexiload & International Recharge Software

SHOPNO FLEXI LTD: Automatic Mobile Recharge software for Bangladesh, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapur. Oman, Qatar, All other countries recharge solutions. We are Providing recharge software for your shop recharge solution. You will manage your software easy to use. 

Automatic Recharge Apps

Shopno Flexi Recharge Unlimeted resellers system web-based software they send their recharge request from the remote place via Website & Android Apps. Recharge is carried out automatically by the system after receiving the requests and responses are sent back through the web request.Demo

Route Wholesale

INTERNATIONAL WHOLE SALE IP TO IP ROUTE SHOPNO CORPORATION is providing International IP to IP route within 190 countries. We are giving the best qualities cli and non-cli with 5%+ ACD and 40%+ ASR in cli route. For non-cli route 4%+ACD AND 35%+ASR. we are confident that if you will start with our route you can increase your business with a lot of customer and you will gain your goal

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